This post is written for Indiblogger

If I had 6 chairs on my dining table,I would invite  6 celebrity chefs/food lovers to join me for  a pot luck dinner!I would request each one to bring their one signature dish 🙂

Here are the invitees!

The original master chef of India, the well renowned chef,Sanjeev Kapoor! It would be great  to share a meal and conversation with someone who has take Indian cuisine to a new level, besides inspiring and setting an example for thousands of other budding chefs in India. It should be such a memorable experience for everyone at the table,to hear about his vast culinary knowledge,experience and expert tips.

Two household names,food enthusiasts and critics,Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma! No one better to co-ordinate the dinner menu,take hold of the conversation, than these two  men with their energetic, witty and chatty style.

The most entertaining and enthusiastic Punjabi chef on Indian television,chef Harpal Singh!There won’t be a  dull moment with such a jolly  and humorous person at the table. I would  tell him how much I have enjoyed watching his shows, his fusion food recipes and have even tried cooking a couple of his wonderful  recipes.

Wouldn’t it be great to  have one celebrity chef  from across the continent? The famous British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver would be the next choice; to sample his typical healthy and delicious British cuisine. We have watched him make Indian cuisine on his show and I would love to know what he thinks about our desi food.

The dining table would feel so incomplete without a woman chef.So,last,but not the least,I would love to have the bubbly and beautiful anchor of  the show “Mumy Ka Magic”- the lovely Amrita Raichand! I would tell her how much I like her presentation style and also her dressing style!

Each of these celebrities will bring  their own unique taste and distinctive style. This  will be a great chance not just to taste their food but to have their opinion about my cooking. I am still wondering what I should make for them. Do you have any suggestions?





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