Funny side up: 13 things only insomniacs understand

indexLiving with insomnia is certainly no fun.However, when possible it is always nice to look at the brighter and lighter side of life, right?It helps cheer up and also to know, that you are never alone.So, here we go!

You know you are an insomniac when;

1. You are sleep deprived and desperate to sleep; yet you start dreading bedtime.

2. There is nothing more exasperating than seeing the person next to you sleep- soundly and peacefully.

3. You feel frustrated and discouraged when someone on an uncomfortable floor mattress sleeps snugly and gets a good night sleep while you with the most comfortable room/bed finds it impossible to sleep.

4. You start to worry when people twice your age fall asleep in seconds;within the blink of an eye. You worry even more, if they start snoring!

5. You are all too familiar and aware with night sights like the lizards and cockroaches coming out of their hidey holes, the time when your neighbor’s lights switch off, the barking/fighting of neighborhood dogs in the dead of the night and you even know which bird will start chirping at what time.

6. Every little sound annoying you/ disturbs you- yes, even the chirping of the birds!

7. You cannot help get jealous of anyone and everyone who sleeps(including the poor pet dog)

8. You have tried everything for a good night sleep from counting sheep to counting your blessings and; nothing seems to work.

9. You know you have company till 2.00 am (the night owls, the party animals, the studious characters) and after 4.00 am (early birds). But, you know you are alone between 2.00 am – 4.00 am; unearthly hours when the whole world seems to be quiet and fast asleep.

10. The tick-tock of the clock makes your heart beat go faster; reminding you that the night (and your sleep time) is slipping away.

9. As dawn approaches, you begin to anticipate and fear sounds that threaten to wake you up (if you have managed to fall asleep!) or stop you from falling asleep; like the doorbell or the honking of cars.

11. You do not know how  to begin your day after a wretched night.

12. Your sleep misery is all you think and talk about during waking hours.

13. You are happy when you suddenly remember having a dream; it means you actually caught some sleep!


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