16 Reasons to remove clutter and make life better

1. Clutter can make you ill- both physically and emotionally.

2. It can lead to constant argument, fights, misunderstandings and miscommunications within the family.

3. It can block clear thinking and a clear vision of what you want in life and how to go about it.

5. It can affect your decision making abilities.

6.It can make you procrastinate and even postpone something as basic as happiness.

7.It can affect your mood-make you feel low, depressed, angry or irritable.

8.It can rob you of your peace of mind (even when you have everything going in your life)

9.It can stop you from being here and now and make you live in the past or future.

10. It can prevent you from enjoying what you have.

11. It can stop you from getting fresh ideas.

12. It can make you repeat your mistakes and never meet success.

13. It can give you a mental block e.g. not being able to learn some new like a musical instrument/ game of some kind.

14. Visual and emotional clutter never allows you to relax and take it all in.

15.It can stagnate your thinking process, your views, your perspectives, making your react/act in the same old ways when put in the same situations/circumstances/surroundings.

16. It can affect your overall quality of life.


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