My style statement

This post is being written as part of the Women’s Web – Trishla eMart ‘A Style of My Own!’campaign Trishla emart

What does style mean to me? Wow, that is a very difficult question to answer! A lot of people, including myself may say that we do not know what our ‘style’ is! However, if we have a good look in our wardrobe, we are likely to see that unknowingly we have developed a pattern of  ‘buying behavior’.

When I look into mine,I  see an obsession for branded skin and hair care products,an affinity for colors like greens and purples, a preference for full sleeves and elbow length tops and a total dominance of western clothes ! Perhaps, this makes it ‘my style’.

Your personal style, says a lot about who you are. What you wear and the way you present yourself is important; not to impress ‘others’, but to feel good about yourself. Here are some of the rituals that I follow.

1.Spring cleaning my closet– ‘Spring cleaning’ and re-organizing my closet every few months  is one of my favorite activities.I look at each garment and ask myself if I have  worn it in the last one year or do I ever intend wearing it? At times,I try it-if it makes me look good,it stays.If not, it has to go.

I have realized that if  clothes are ‘visible’, one is more likely to wear them.Organizing also gives me an idea of what I may actually need.There was a time, when I had several pairs of blue denim jeans in different shades and hardly any tops to go with them!

2.Shop smart– Once I decide what I ‘need’ and not ‘want’, shopping becomes effortless. I never compromise on  comfort, quality and the fit especially while  buying shoes and cosmetics. I like the latest trends(even for haircuts/ make-up) but, only if I can be myself. There is no point in shopping for a maxi dresses/ shimmering skirt,if you are not comfortable and cannot carry it off.

I may be shopping in the best of places but I look out for the quality of the material. Quality clothing feels good to touch,makes one look elegant, it survives everyday wear and tear, looks fresh wash after wash, and lasts way longer. One can also survive a ‘bad hair or skin day’ as the attention is drawn to your clothes.

I pick clothes that fit well and look like they are tailored just for me. For someone skinny like me who was used to  hiding under over sized clothes, it was a ‘turning’ moment when I realized that if I chose  tops or dresses which have details(ruffles, frills, bows, pockets, layers,tie front) or even bold, large prints, it gives an illusion of bulk.

Even though I am not fond of horizontal stripes/ thick waist belts and flowing dresses, whenever I wear them, I find they make a huge difference to my overall appearance.

Although, I am not much of an accessory person, I believe in investing in timeless pieces – a classic watch,chunky jewellery, hoop earrings, chic scarves (which I  learn to tie in many different ways from online tutorials ),a leather bag. One can never go wrong wearing/carrying them as they make you stand out and feel special.

I personally love floral prints. When it comes to choosing colors, I  feel one should  go for colors that flatter your skin tone and  buy clothes that you can mix and match. A white shirt/ any plain shirt/top,can be worn with jeans for a casual look, with formal trousers/skirt, tucked in or worn with accessories/a black cropped cardigan.

3. Accentuate the best features–  Each of us is unique and blessed with a special feature, which is you- your ‘style’. You need to identify your best feature and figure a way to draw attention towards it.

Anyone with beautiful eyes can learn how to make the best of them. I define my eyes, by giving my brows the perfect arch. I use eyeliner/kajal to open up the eyes .I love eye shadows (especially glitter ones) and smoky make-up.

One advantage of being slim is, being blessed with great legs and being able to wear short skirts/ dresses or shorts.The more conservative like me, can wear skinny jeans or leggings/ jeggings and look just as gorgeous.

4.Personal grooming– A person may be flaunting the latest trend, but if that person has poor personal grooming, it can be a total put off.

One does not need to be obsessed with cleanliness.But, I think having clean teeth(and tongue), flossing, using a mouthwash, having a fresh breath(often ignored my many), wearing clean undergarments and getting rid of unwanted hair is of paramount importance!

I get myself a new haircut/ trim every few months, as it makes me look younger.I used to go for regular manicures/pedicures, but now that I have a kit, I do it myself at home.I feel feet, especially the toenails and heels are often the most neglected. I like them squeaky clean and massaged with a good lotion.

A relaxing shower, exfoliating the skin, washing and conditioning greasy hair, a quick dry and comb with a wide tooth comb and I am done! I never go  a little splash of  perfume.Spray it and smell divine.

And, finally I step out looking and feeling fantastic. When you feel good and confident, you can smile and flaunt those clothes with ease. I tell myself  ‘do not slouch’- walk tall. Have a good posture, because it tells the world that you are not just stylish but someone who has faith in herself and her abilities.


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