Lessons from our grandmothers

grandmaMothers know a lot, but grandmothers know everything. We may think of our grandmothers as old fashioned and orthodox but they have the wisdom and the experience to give us invaluable lessons. Here are some of the lessons we can learn from them.

1. Self discipline – Early to bed, early to rise!Our grandmothers led a much-disciplined life. In order to look after the family and house, they got a good night’s sleep and woke up fresh and happy.

sleep early





sunriseThey were out of bed before sunrise and to the peace and tranquility of the morning. They had time for their walk, the energy and enthusiasm to get all work done on time. grandma excercing with dog

They had the time for the most important meal of the day- breakfast.

grandmas having breakfastThey worked methodically and they were organized. They stocked the house with essentials, put things away in the right place, so that could find them when they needed them.

2. Good values-Our grandmothers have lived by good values. Honesty, integrity, obeying rules, law and order were important to them. They maintained good relationships with everyone and respected and treated everyone equally. They helped the poor and needy. They avoided wastage as they valued money, food, water and electricity.

og3.Good manners and habits

good manners


be politeThey cultivated in us good manners and habits – offering your seat to someone in need, awaiting your turn,saying sorry when required,sitting upright and reading in good light and coming back home before it was dark.



coming back home


Punctuality was of utmost importance- they would be a few minutes before time than a few seconds late.

grandma excercingThey encouraged eating together as it fostered family bonding. We were reminded to eat food on time, chew slowly and to concentrate only on eating.

family eating4.Home cures and remedies– Grandmas always had home remedies for just about everything- homemade herbal mix to fight coughs and colds, a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric before bedtime for a sore throat, eucalyptus oil for a runny nose, carom seeds for tummy ache, clove oil for toothache and turmeric paste for little scratch or wounds .

chicken soup5. Traditional recipes– Our grandmothers have preserved and passed down some of the traditional family recipes and her personal recipes thereby carrying on the family tradition. They always used fresh homemade ingredients. They also added the most important ingredient to their recipes- love. They made spices by using a mortar, a pestle, and a grinding stone. Some of her homemade recipes are priceless- curries, pickles, festive treats and preserves.

grandma recipe6. Ageing gracefully– They did this by accepting the changes that ageing brings. They followed a regular routine, a healthy diet and lifestyle. They never complained of hair loss, as they never used any harsh chemicals. They advised us to massage our scalp with hair oil. They made homemade face packs- gram flour mixed with curd and sandalwood paste for glowing skin. They remained active and occupied- gardening, knitting, reading, playing with young grandchildren, spending time with nature, pets and loved ones.

ageing graciously

7. An uncomplicated life – They led a simple life- spoke less, gossiped less and judged less. They only bought things that were needed, valued them and made the most of them. They cooked fresh food, ate less, and enjoyed it. They slept better and could focus on what really mattered. They showed us how to be happy and satisfied with less.

dancing grandma8. Great qualities– Our grandmothers were patient, tolerant and strong. These qualities are vital to hold the family together .They showed us how we can be good human beings.

 gIt is important to learn and imbibe these lessons in our life .This is the greatest legacy our grandmothers have given us.


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