m2First glimpse of Singapore from the sky,
Spectacular sea and ships seen from high.

Airport’s one of the busiest of all,
Travellers’ comfortable after a long haul.

Toilets and water fountains, every 100 metres can be found,
It certainly makes one astound.

Distance and directions perfect everywhere,
One cannot get lost nor here nor there.

No littering, spitting or gum are few of the signs,
Obeying rules have made this city so fine.

Rules Singaporeans do not mind,
Making their city cleanest in the world you can find.

One of the safest places to be,
Walk, travel, eat and enjoy any time and just be.

Hot and humid but the air is so pure,
Cold aircon makes it easy to endure.

Plants, trees and flowers adds to city’s appeal,
Makes great outdoor experience, walking or at the wheel.

Taxis, MRT’s and buses efficient, safe and comfortable,
Beautiful crowd makes trip nice and manageable.

Smooth traffic flow and roads not bumpy,
Makes passengers and drivers less grumpy.

The pedestrian crossings help you cross,
Makes you smile as there is no chaos.

Over bridges are a big boon,
When the sun is hot at noon.

Striking landscape along roads wide,
Travel is merry and one gets a joyful ride.

Tall buildings and skyscrapers galore,
The Plazas, the condos one cannot ignore.

Inside the condos the things you see,
Blooming flowers colourful birds and tree.

Play area, walk paths and benches are plenty,
Barbeque in open spaces sometimes empty.

Maids in this country are a blessing,
Work they do saves all the stressing.

Malls in Singapore are best in the world,
Food and drinks are a sight to behold.

Food deserves a special mention,
The place to be is the Food Junction.

Food gives you a culinary shock,
People enjoy eating round the clock.

Wet market and Tecca market are a must see,
Street food and best bargains takes you on a shopping spree.

Cold storage and Fairprice the best grocery stores,
As you walk the aisles and buy more and more.

Night life, retail and entertainment hub is Orchard road,
Great atmosphere, riverside restaurants, good times in Clarke Quay that unfold.

Water parks are a fantastic getaway,
As you splash, slide and play all day.

Sentosa visit a must  on the list,
Cable car ride, Underwater world, Universal Studios how can one miss.

No dearth of events, and plenty to do and view,
Each time you step out there is something new.

Out of swamp people have created a paradise,
Singapore as an example is a blessing in disguise.


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