‘Food’ for thought

food in binFeed an empty stomach, not the bin!When tonnes of food is wasted the world over , it is something worth thinking about seriously. Right from the time food is produced to the time it is consumed, the amount of food wasted would be enough to feed more than a billion hungry people worldwide, a sad fact.

food waste

Millions of us waste food in our homes, restaurants, supermarkets, weddings and at parties. We do not realize how much food we throw away every day. Is there any way we can reduce this wastage? If we are wise and do not waste what we have, we will have enough food in future.

Here are simple ways by which we can avoid food wastage in our own homes and lives.

1. Buy what you need– Buy only what you need, in small quantities.  Stick to your shopping list.

shop list2. Offers and discounts– Do not get lured into buying more just because there are offers or discounts.

images83. Organize– Keep your kitchen well organized. Keep food visible and labelled so you know exactly what you have,where it is and it is consumed on time.


labelled food in kitchen 1


4. Keep food fresh– Keeping your refrigerator at a healthy temperature will keep food fresh for a longer time.

5. Best before dates-Make it a habit to check the ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates while storing food items (tinned, frozen and packaged) and store them in the right order. The ones that need to be consumed first, will not be hidden and discovered after they have gone past their expiry date. Remember,every time you bin food, its your hard earned money that you are binning!

food in bin at home6. Make use of leftover food– Any food leftover can be frozen and eaten the next day which  saves you the trouble of  cooking.  Fruits that have turned soggy, can be used to make great smoothies or used in desserts.  Excess vegetables can be used to make soups. You can also put them in baked dishes or stir fry them. Leftover rice can be used to make simple rice dishes.


banana smoothie

7. Order less -Whether it is a take away or while at a restaurant, order less. You can always order more. At a wedding ceremony or at a party, help yourself with what you need and can finish. You will not overeat nor will food find its way into the bin.

food plate waste8. The doggy bag -If you are unable to finish your food in a restaurant do not hesitate or feel shy to carry the leftovers home in a ‘doggy bag’.



9. Feed the hungry or lesser privileged– We can make a huge difference by giving a meal to an underprivileged or a hungry person and help fight hunger. When you give others what you have been blessed with, more blessings will come back to you in return.

10.Feed a hungry dog– Feeding a hungry dog and seeing satisfaction in his eyes will give you tremendous joy. You will also make a friend for life.

dog in bin






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