‘Six’ senses

five senses‘Six’ senses, in life, God made,
These we depend on to come to our aid.

Sunset, snowflakes and rainbow we can see,
Nature’s wonders absolutely free.

Singing birds, rustling leaves, gurgling stream, who wants to miss,
Sweet sounds bring total bliss.

Fresh flowers, rain, and food we can smell,
Scents are so important as well.

Salty, sweet, spicy, bitter or sour,
All tastes have immense power.

Sense of touch we need at all cost,
Without it we would be so lost.

Our ‘sixth sense’ guides us all,
When good or bad is about to befall.

Let us not take our senses for granted,
Their value we learn only after they have parted.

Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell,
These when we have all is well.


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